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Core Philosophy

To win State and National Championships one must be self driven and motivated. We must instill in ourselves the desire to stand strong and push ourselves as individuals. Success in the classroom, and on the wrestling mat stem from indomitable will and self gut checks holding ourselves accountable for everything that we do. Aiming to positively shape the student athlete's morals, minds, and bodies teaching to excel in the classroom, terrorize the wrestling mat yet be perfect gentlemen in society.  

Mission Statetment

The mission of North Gwinnett Wrestling is to produce overachieving student athletes, We will provide the opportunity, support, and culture necessary for wrestlers to excel. the North Gwinnett wrestling program is to be recognized as a place to harvest athletes that will excel at life, and represent their community to the fullest. 

  • Integrity - We will instill the disipline to do right

  • Consistency - We will adhere to the same priciples and intensity

  • Education - We will enforce the priority of education in the role of being a student athlete

  • People - We will keep the welfare of others midful in every decision

  • Success - We will support a culture of success. performance, and achievement

  • Respect - We will recognize the effort and achievements of others

  • Community - We will enhance the lives of those in our school, our city, and state. 

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