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We exist to help young men and women realize their own mental, physical, and emotional potential through the sport of wrestling. By instilling the fundamentals of wrestling such as good sportsmanship, camaraderie, hard work, conditioning, perseverance, flexibility, problem solving, aggressiveness, pride, speed, strength, and gumption in everything we do, wrestlers learn the techniques and disciplines that are essential in succeeding at the world’s oldest sport by coaches that are passionate about wrestling.


-Practice attire is athletic shorts and t-shirts. These wrestlers will be working hard, and in a physical environment so we suggest tighter fitting clothing, free of pockets, and no jewelry. 

-Great attitude! Wrestling is a sport of discipline, skill, athleticism, and toughness. As Dan Gable once said, "Some have wrestled without great skill - non have wrestled with great PRIDE." Bringing a great attitude to practice every day will make the greatest impact in success. 

-Wrestling shoes (flat soled, high top shoes) will help prevent injuries, provide better traction, and safer for all competitors. We only wear wrestling shoes on wrestling mats. We try to keep street shoes off of the wrestling mats, and wrestling shoes off of the streets. 

-Suggestion for all to also look into investing in a headgear (ear protection) for competition and mouthpiece. The mouth piece and head gear are not required, but help provide extra protection. Mouthpieces should be worn by any wrestler with braces.


HS Head Coach:
Kyle McKee (770)540-0105



John Indorf 


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